Centerville City CemeteryOur cemetery is known as one of the most well-kept and beautiful in the valley; our Parks Department exceeds necessity in their care of the cemetery and their reverence for our loved ones buried there.

Amenities & Rules

The cemetery is equipped with restrooms and a drinking fountain during the summer season. During Memorial Day weekend, there are six temporary water sources in various locations for gravesite decorations.

There are no animals allowed in the cemetery except service animals. Cemetery closes at nightfall each day.


Regular cleanup times are the first week in April and the first week in November. There is also a cleanup week beginning the Monday after Memorial Day. During those cleanups, any decorations remaining will be discarded.


The Centerville City Cemetery has been in use since the Mormon pioneers first settled the area in 1847, although the first recorded burial was in 1851. In the early days, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owned and operated the cemetery, but ownership was eventually transferred to the city of Centerville.

The most notable "resident" of the cemetery is B. H. Roberts, a well-known Latter-day Saint Historian.

Cemetery Map & Burial Records

Search for your relatives buried here by visiting the Names in Stone website.

Cemetery Fees

Learn more about the cemetery fees by reviewing the Centerville Schedule of Fees.