Neighborhood Emergency Network

The City has been divided into districts and areas for emergency management purposes. Each district and area has an assigned representative. These representatives are the link between local officials and local residents during an emergency.


Local officials will contact district representatives with important information regarding the disaster. The district representatives will then contact the area representatives in their districts with the same information.


Some areas have even been subdivided into blocks with block captains. The process works the same for getting information back to local officials regarding damage or other needs in the city. Each district has been given radio equipment to assist them in communicating with the city during an emergency.


Any citizen may volunteer to serve as a district, area representative or block captain. Citizens who wish to be involved may contact the City Emergency Management Coordinator Paul Child at 801-292-8441.

  1. Emergency Management Map
  2. Current District & Area Representatives

Centerville City Emergency Management MapEmergency Management Map

You can find out which district and area your home is in by visiting our Interactive Emergency Management Map.

Locate your property on the map, select the "EM Areas" or "EM Districts" layer and left click once on the map to identify your area/district.