Street Maintenance

Page 4 of the Street Master Plan Presentation describing nature and environmental road deteriorationStreet maintenance begins as early as mid-April and can continue until mid-October. We work hard at notifying residents that live on the streets that are immediately affected with these projects.

If your home is tagged with information about road maintenance and it conflicts with construction, parties, weddings, etc., call the Public Works Department at 801-292-8232 as soon as possible so options can be looked at. The scheduled day of the work is usually too late.


Crack seal is a rubberized asphalt material that fills the cracks and helps seal the road surface. It keeps moisture from seeping into the sub-base. This is usually performed one year prior to the slurry seal. This product can be ready for traffic almost immediately.

Slurry Seal

Slurry seal is a rejuvenator that reseals the road surface. It is a sand-emulsion mixture that is spread upon the asphalt from curb to curb. This product will be ready for traffic in 6 to 8 hours after application.

Report Street Light Outages

Please report street light outages by clicking here.