Community Garden


All levels of gardeners are welcome, from beginners to master gardeners. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Erin Redd by email or calling 801-663-1293 as soon as possible to secure your plot. Plots will be filled on a first-come first-served basis, so don’t delay!


Each gardener is entitled to one large plot (approximately 15 by 30 feet) or one small plot (approximately 15 by 15 feet) if space is available. A $35 (large) or $25 (small) garden plot rental fee is required of all gardeners which needs to be paid by March 15th. If there is space remaining after March 15th gardeners will have the opportunity to rent additional plots at the same price.


Our goal is to create and nurture healthy soil and a healthy plant environment in the garden. Because of this, the use of Preen is not allowed in our community gardens. Gardeners using this item will lose their gardening privileges.

Organic solutions are strongly encouraged to fight pests, diseases and weeds.


Gardeners’ are to keep all weeds below six inches in height. It is the gardeners’ responsibility to control the weeds and trash in their own plots and adjacent pathways, and to clear their plot of trellis materials and debris at the end of the season. The Whitaker Museum would love your corn stalks when the season is over if you choose to leave them standing.


Deuel Creek irrigation water will be turned on approximately April 15th. Watering hours are from 6 to 10 am and 6  to 10 pm. Centerville public works uses the water from 10 pm on for the city’s facilities. We will be fined if watering occurs outside of these times, which could affect next year’s gardening opportunities.

Each gardener supplies their own garden hoses and water tape splitters. You can also help make sure that water is not wasted, and greatly reduce your garden’s water needs by using mulch (this also helps keep out weeds). The Public Works Department dumps their grass clippings in the center of the gardens; all gardeners are welcome to use these for mulching and covering paths.


The gardens will be more successful if all of our gardeners work together. Please remember that Whitaker Community Gardens is run by volunteers. The care and maintenance of the garden is the collective responsibility of the community gardeners.

Information regarding the community garden in Centerville Utah